Entry #11

Feeling A bit weird lately...

2012-04-19 17:38:36 by Masterdrifter

Just finished my latest flash animation, you probably won't hear from me until late May on Staff 2's development. These last couple of weeks are buckling down on me with final projects and exams. I've grown excessively tired of being on the computer all the time these days, which most of my college classes consist of me doing. I will finish Staff 2 by the end of Summer or earlier. It'll be around 6 minutes and have a larger story element to it, as well as two longer, drawn out fight scenes. I want to put a lot of detail into Staff 2, as much as my creativity will let me, I have all the time in the world and won't rush it in the end like last time.

Besides school, I've been busy lurking 4chan and writing/browsing my novel since April. Recently though I've been feeling really off lately, like I'm not able to be myself. I'm not sure what it is but it's thrown me under the writer's block bus again when it comes to animation. I've been isolating myself a lot, just to get work done and be occupied, I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is from a lack of relaxation or an over abundance of work I keep setting myself up with. Hopefully I'll be able to shake it off when school end, but as for now, I'll post some stuff on Youtube... and watch ponies... hate me or not, I really could care less about your opinions. Sorry if I come off as an ass, but I'm really just not feeling any motivation from these past couple of days. I swear I'm a happy person, I just want some change in my life.

Feeling A bit weird lately...


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2012-04-19 20:22:55

Hey man, sorry to hear that. I hope the wheel starts rollin for yah soon bud! Sometimes doodling helps me!

Masterdrifter responds:

Thanks for the advice, I'm slowly recovering, I just have to take things slow c: